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Yemeni Organization for Development and Exchange Technology (YODET)

Yemeni Organization for Development and Exchange Technology (YODET)

Free Fund



Geographic Focus

Middle East and North Africa

Thematic Parameters

STEM Education & Training



The “Dukan Bootcamp” Project aims to empower displaced women in Taiz City, Yemen through coding education, fostering gender equity in the technology sector. The participants, aged 18 to 35, live in regions heavily affected by conflict, experiencing challenges such as displacement, limited access to education, and economic instability. In this context, this project seeks to bring about transformative change by equipping 20 young women with essential coding skills in a Web full stack bootcamp. This will lead to improved employability, increased confidence, and the development of web and mobile applications addressing local challenges. The project's impact extends beyond individual skill development, contributing to the broader goals of gender equality in STEM and providing displaced women with the tools to become active contributors to their communities.

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