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Kyrgyz Space Program

Kyrgyz Space Program

Free Fund



Geographic Focus

Asia and Pacific

Thematic Parameters

Time and Accessibility; Education and Training



Kyrgyz Space Program aims to design an easy-to-use online course with recorded video lessons featuring the team members. Video lessons will explain the basics of aerospace engineering and satellite building that will be accessible to every girl and woman in our country. In addition, we will organize a Satellite-Building Caravan in provinces for girls and women, where we will create satellite prototypes using our 3D printer, microcontrollers, and various sensors. We will fly our "satellites" on balloons and collect and analyze data with the participants. This practical activity is considered to spark interest in STEM because most schools only teach theory, especially in Physics or Chemistry lessons. The best way to make people interested is to conduct these kinds of experiments. It is already successfully implemented in the U.S. and Europe, where young girls fly their educational satellites on balloons.

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