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K'ajk'ubaltik - La noche es nuestra

K'ajk'ubaltik - La noche es nuestra

Free Fund



Geographic Focus

LATAM and Caribbean

Thematic Parameters

Advocacy and Awareness; Education and training



The general objective of their project is to promote the approach of STEM areas to young people, mainly to people identified as women, from communities of native peoples of the state of Chiapas, consisting mainly of rural and marginalised areas. The approach to carry out our project is intercultural relevance through a narrative about the origin of the universe in the native Tseltal language, with culturally relevant illustrations, in which analogies of scientific concepts and data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) project will be used with cultural elements of the communities of the Chiapas region. The narrative will also be accompanied by didactic activities related to the theme of the origin of the universe, which will be implemented as workshops during the distribution of the printed material in the Chiapas region.

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