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Chicas Waskiris

Chicas Waskiris

Free Fund



Geographic Focus

Latin America

Thematic Parameters

STEM Education & Training



The "STEM Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Bolivia" project aims to address the inequality and exclusion faced by individuals with hearing disabilities in Bolivia within the STEM education realm. Targeting youth aged 16 to 30 with physical and mental limitations, the project seeks to overcome challenges related to inclusive education access and negative stereotypes hindering opportunities. With 741,382 individuals with disabilities in Bolivia, the project will collaborate with institutions for inclusive activities. Its goal is to bring about significant changes in the perspective and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in STEM fields, eliminating barriers to practical STEM education. Activities include awareness sessions, inclusive education, resource development, and networking events. In its initial stages, the project aims to create an environment where these individuals can explore and develop their STEM skills without hindrance.

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